Linguist professor at SSU attends national conference at Stanford

Brenda Gibson

January 29, 2013

Leila Lomashvili, Ph.D., assistant professor in English and Humanities at Shawnee State University, attended the Locality and Directionality at the Morphosyntax-Phonology Interface Conference at Stanford University in California.

The topics at the conference are highly debated in the linguistics community.

“It is one of the most important conferences of the year in the field of linguistics featuring a number of experts from all over the world,” said Lomashvili.

Lomashvili teaches linguistics, English as a Second Language (ESL) and composition courses at SSU. She is from the country of Georgia and created a poster on the Georgian language, a southern Caucasian language for the conference.

“The venue was very enriching both in terms of professional development and teaching effectiveness in linguistics courses,” said Lomashvili.