SSU appoints Simms Dean of Students

March 26, 2013

Wayne Allen

Common Staff Writer

Marcie Hatfield Simms has had the role of interim Dean of Students at Shawnee State University (SSU) since October. On Friday SSU officials announced Simms has been appointed to position.

The Dean of Students is responsible for the student judicial process. The position oversees several areas of student affairs, including career development, multicultural student affairs, student activities, and volunteer and community services.

“My job is to help students understand the student code and if they do violate the code there are consequences but at the same time we’re here to help them grow,” Simms said in a released statement. “Students will also continue to see me as a resource person. It’s a lot of responsibility and I’m excited to do it.”

Throughout her career at SSU Simms has served in a variety of rolls including director of resident life. Simms understands and appreciates the value of educating students about resources available to them and at the same time holding them accountable.

According to released information, Simms brings a wealth of experience in student development, student activities, student life administration, student judicial affairs, mediation, crisis management, and co-curricular academic support initiatives.

“As director of Residence Life, Marcie has demonstrated significant and inspired student life leadership and spearheaded the implementation of various student success initiatives,” said Mary Oling-Sisay, Ph.D., vice president of Student Affairs in a released statement. “She has also collaborated with others on campus to implement living and learning communities in the residence halls.”

Simms holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Marshall University and a Master of Arts in Student Affairs from Eastern Kentucky University.

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