Recorder to bring records online

Wayne Allen

May 1, 2013

Wayne Allen

Common Staff Writer

When Gail Alley was campaigning to become Scioto County Recorder she said she would look into the possibility of bringing the offices records online. On Tuesday the commissioners signed a contract with Fidlar Technologies that would help the office achieve this goal.

“This will allow us to upgrade our systems that have not been upgraded since 2005. We are going to get new hardware and software. We are going to be able to have a counter computer now, where we can run documents through a scanner at the counter. It will be a lot quicker process,” said Gail Alley, Scioto County Recorder. “We are still going to have a 2-3 day turnaround but this will be a lot faster and efficient for us. Down the line we will be able to get our records online.”

She said later this year a website will go online that will allow users to search the records kept by the recorder since 1996.

Alley said. currently anyone needing access to, any records kept by the recorders office including, mortgages, land contracts, power of attorney, leases of all types, armed service discharge, soldier’s grave registrations, liens, easements, rights of way and many other records have to visit the recorders office inside the courthouse to get access.

She said once the website goes live, “attorneys, abstractors, title searchers and people throughout the United States can log on our website and be able to access our records,” Alley said.

Alley said there are 27 counties in Ohio who’s recorders office do not have their records online.

“Like I said in the campaign, I never promised it, I said I would work on it. We’ve been working on this since we took office in January,” Alley said.

Alley said she and her staff have found a way to pay for this service within their existing budget.

“They came down in March and showed us the system. We talked to other computer companies and I felt comfortable with the company we’re with now,” Alley said.

She said the contract with Fidlar Technologies (

“They have promised me they will be down here and do as much training and provide as much support that we need before we actually go live,” Alley said.

She said the company will redact all of the personal information on documents as they are uploaded to be put on the website.

Alley called this a natural progression for the recorders office.

For more information about the Scioto County Recorders office visit,

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