Orientation held for pageants

By Wayne Allen

October 19, 2013

Wayne Allen

PDT Staff Writer

The 2014 Miss Ohio USA and Miss Ohio Teen USA pageants will be returning to the Vern Riffe Center For the Arts on November 8-9 for its 13th year.

To prepare for the pageants an orientation, involving contestants for both pageants was held over the weekend to in Portsmouth.

Kim Bauer, local pageant director said, “the orientation is an opportunity for them (contestants and families) to submit their paperwork and make sure everything is in order before the pageant, As a part of the orientation, the contestants will have their photos taken for the program. Pageant director Melissa Pitchford and I will also address the contestants.”

As a part of the orientation contestant were given the opportunity to meet and talk with the 2013 Miss Ohio Kristin Smith and the 2013 Miss Ohio Teen Brittany Reid.

In an exclusive interview with the Common Smith and Reid told of their experiences this past year.

“It’s been quite the roller coaster,” Smith said.

Smith said, the 2013 Miss Ohio USA pageant of 2013 was the first time she had competed in a pageant.

As a result of being crowned Miss. Ohio USA 2013, she went on to compete for the title of Miss USA.

Smith said, over this last year she and Reid have gotten to work a lot with the Pink Ribbon Girls Foundation.

“I got to do a lot with the Pink Ribbon Girls in which Brittany and I are ambassadors to. Throughout the year we’ve been able to do a lot of appearances and fun events, it’s exciting to see that people are excited to meet us,” Smith said.

When asked if there was an event or experience that stood out, during her time as Miss Ohio, Smith said, “the night that I won, because I don’t remember a second of it. I had to go back and watch the tape. When my name was announced as one of the top five, I just blacked out,” Smith said. “I had no idea I won until I saw the crown on my head.”

Reid said, the overall experience of being Miss Ohio Teen USA has been a lot of fun.

When asked what was going through her head when her named was called as the winner, Reid said, “I could not believe it. I can remember being called for top 15 and I remember being called for top five. I can remember my onstage question and the next thing I know I was holding flowers in my arms and waving to family and friends.”

When it comes to advise for contestants, Reid said, “I know all of the girls go into the pageant wanting to win. You can’t go in with that goal, because only one is going to walk away with the crown. (to the contestants) I would say take it all in, don’t think about what the results are and have a blast.”

Bauer said, this years pageants will see a few more contestants than in years past.

“This year it’s kind of exciting because not only is the Miss Ohio USA pageant on Nov. 9 but, also be Miss Universe pageant being held in Russia is also that evening,” Bauer said. “Everyone is excited for the pageants this year and we are looking forward to a great show at the Vern Riffe Center.”

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