November 27, 2013

Marcia Harris

Contributing Columnist

Welcome to “Do You Have What It Takes monthly personal development program for the month of November.

As the end of the year is approaching, you may want to end it with added value through volunteering your services.

Volunteering creates win-win situations which have so many benefits. For Instance, you may have often thought to yourself “I would love to work with and encourage those who are in nursing homes or rehabilitation centers; however, I don’t have the experience to get a job in that particular setting. Well, think again, many businesses are short in staffing and would love for you to volunteer your time to read or chat with their residents.

With time and patience, you will quickly realize that your efforts can produce a win-win situation. As you invest your time, you will become more confident, skilled, and creative in engaging your audience. In addition, the person receiving your time will feel valuable with a higher self-image.

After a reasonable amount of time, you may want to consider possible employment opportunities based on your volunteer experience and newly developed skills.

Volunteering is not limited to reading and visiting others, it includes other activities such as sewing, creating crafts, cooking, cleaning, repairing items, small home improvement jobs and much more.

A few pleasant reminders before deciding to volunteer are : (1) Take a look around to see what services are needed, (2) select an activity in which you enjoy and have experience, and (3)Commit to a trail period in case of unexpected personal conflicts.

Being a volunteer has great health benefits as well. Your increase in positive emotions will be a boost to your immune system. As you relax after volunteering, you know you are needed and appreciated for the value you give. Your tasks, large or small, mean a lot and will not be forgotten by others.

In closing, I challenge you to think about the upcoming holiday season. There are so many who could use your volunteer service to make it through the holiday. Select your deed carefully, do it quietly, and sit back to watch the beautiful results you helped to produce.

Remember, a gift from the heart will create a very warm spark that will last forever in the mind of the receiver.

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