Woman charged with attempted murder of her daughter

By Frank Lewis

December 16, 2013

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

A Portsmouth woman is facing a charge of attempted murder after authorities say she stabbed her 13-year-old daughter in the back. Angela R. Shepherd, 42, of 3489 Swauger Valley Rd., was arrested Sunday morning after an incident at her residence.

According to a report from the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office, the daughter was stabbed with a knife at around 11:14 Sunday morning. Deputy George Antonaros said he and Sgt. Darren Fike were dispatched to the Swauger Valley home in reference to a mother and daughter being involved in a domestic dispute in which the daughter had been stabbed.

When the officers arrived, they found the daughter standing by an outbuilding talking on the phone. She reportedly told them she had been stabbed by her mother while she was in bed. Deputies said she told them her mother had entered her room and “began rubbing her back in a caring manner.” The daughter reportedly told them, her mother then used a knife to stab her in the back. That knife was, according to the report, still on the bed.

Authorities said the girl complained of her chest hurting and having difficulty breathing. In checking her out, deputies said they observed her clothing was soaked with blood on her left side. Antonaros, in the narrative, said she pulled her jacket down off her shoulders and he observed what looked to be a puncture/stab would on the upper left side of her back.

She was placed in a patrol unit in an attempt to keep her warm until the emergency squad arrived. The report said the daughter told them there were firearms in the residence, so Antonaros said he backed out of the driveway and down the road a short distance in order to gain room for safety. The squad arrived and Antonaros informed them of the stab wound so they could start medical treatment.

Antonaros and Fike then went to the house where the door was partially open, kicked the door open wide and yelled for Angela Shepherd. The report said she responded, and they found her sitting on a couch in the front room smoking a cigarette. They said they ordered her to the floor where she was handcuffed, then placed her in a chair in the kitchen. The report said they observed blood on her shirt, but none on her hands.

“It appeared to us that she took the time to wash her hands,” the report read.

As the officer made his way to the back of the house trailer to the bedroom, he said he observed a black-handled knife on the bed. He said the bed was also blood soaked. Photos were taken of the scene; Shepherd was advised of her Miranda Rights, and she was placed in a patrol unit.

According to the report, on the way to the Scioto County Jail, they asked her if her daughter had attempted to cause her harm. And the report said she responded, “No, I just wanted to take her life and my life.”

She was booked on an attempted murder charge at the Scioto County Jail.

The 13-year-old was transferred to a Columbus hospital where she is listed in stable condition. Shepherd appeared in Portsmouth Municipal Court Monday, where bond was set at $100,000 and a court date of Dec. 19, 2013 was also set.

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