Preserving your Holiday energy

January 2, 2014

The Holiday season can be both enjoyable and challenging. Preserving your mental, physical, and spiritual energy is an important key to relaxing and enjoying the holidays. At times you may feel excited and anxious, loving and irritated, surprised, or disappointed. The expression of all these emotions can be draining. Be careful to recognize that each task, goal, or encounter is the means to an end as well as a learning experience. Learning to view each goal or event and to visualize your expected result, before you step forth, is a valuable skill.

To be successful in conserving your energy, you must first visualize your task, goal, or activity and see yourself taking steps to complete this task. Next, ask yourself “will there be any conflicts or obstacles that may cause negation emotions and set backs?” Some possible obstacles may be (1) negative attitudes, (2) lack of direction, (3) insufficient funds, and (4) time conflicts.

In overcoming your obstacles take the following actions:

(a) Consider going forth with your “invisible wall” of protection. By this I mean your “positive attitude” which will not allow anyone to steal your joy. Your “invisible wall” is set to block any negative emotions from invading your peaceful space. It will remind you to be true to yourself and keep the big picture in mind.

(b) Next, view the above obstacles and how your possible response could leave all involved with a sense of respect. Respecting others requires that you are assertive which means you stand up for your rights and also respect the rights of others. This means you can say with a clear mind, heart, and soul “ I understand and respect your request; I will let you know, soon, what works best for me.”

(c) Now be an living example of reserved energy by walking away and returning your focus to your goal or task until completed or it the end of your allocated time.

In concluding, I encourage you to preserve your holiday energy by moving forward with your “invisible wall” of protection recognizing “the reason for the season” and inspiring others to do the same.

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Have a great month of change!