Fluor B&W Portsmouth keeping an eye on budget

By Wayne Allen

March 3, 2014

By Wayne Allen

When the leadership of Fluor-B&W Portsmouth met with the Scioto County Commissioners on Tuesday one of the topics of discussion included their budget.

Dennis Carr Fluor-B&W Site Project Director said the 2014 has been stabilized and now they are beginning to look at 2015 projections.

“The last time I was here I talked about the FY (Fiscal Year)(20)14 and the FY(Fiscal Year)(20)15 forecast on funding. I think you are aware the omnibus bill that was passed by congress, provided us (Fluor-B&W Portsmouth) with supplemental funding,” Carr said. “We’re at a funding level that’s sightly lower than last years funding, and we were made close to whole with the omnibus bill.”

He said as a result of the funding level Fluor-B&W Portsmouth will be able to maintain, it’s work scope and staffing levels for the fiscal year.

“Right now we have no plans this year for workforce restructuring or any reductions in force. We have a workforce right now of slightly less than 2,000 and we will maintain a level some where around that,” Carr said.

He said the focus has now turned to FY 15 and the work they want to accomplish that year.

“On of the main areas of focus in 2014 will be to continue down the path on the X-326 facility. We’re trying to get it to the point where it’s ready to be torn down at the end of (20)16 and that’s predicated on funding,” Carr said. “I see relative stability in our staff numbers until we see what happens in the FY 15 funding. I believe the presidents budget will come out in the next two weeks and that will tell us where we’re at. That’s (release of the budget) not the end the story it begins the discussion of what’s the impact and is there any way of making a compelling case for additional funding.”

Carr said one of the other issues they are working with is the price of uranium, “the uranium price has shrunk substantially. About 80 percent of our funding comes from the sale of uranium, with the other 20 coming from appropriations,” Carr said. “We went from the Christmas of 2012 we were selling uranium $121 a kilogram now we are selling at somewhere around $97-$99 a kilogram. So, we’ve lost $33 million of barter capability.”

He said in 2014 they will continue to focus on a number of efficiency initiatives.

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