Cupcake Wars

March 17, 2014

The SCCTC hosted its second annual Cupcake Wars on February 10th. This culinary challenge mimics the television show on TLC, where bakers race to design cupcake recipes based on a theme. Students in the Culinary Arts program competed in their own version of the television show, with some additional challenges.

Students not only invented their own creative version of each cupcake, but were judged in two different ways. A panel of judges tasted over ten different cupcakes and named the winners of the “Judges’ Choice” category based on appearance, taste, texture, and adherence to their theme.

Students also baked over 100 cupcakes of each recipe for the “People’s Choice” phase of competition. They hosted a culinary sale in the SCCTC Four Season’s restaurant, where the student body had a chance to vote on their favorite cupcake by purchasing their top choices. Some of the cupcakes were the “Chocolate Covered Strawberry” cupcake, the “Hot Fudge Sundae” cupcake, the “Rolo” cupcake, the “S’mores” cupcake, and the “Oreo Crème” cupcake. Over 500 cupcakes were sold within two days, while the SCCTC student body got a little “sweeter.”

The “Judges’ Choice” winners were Makayla Davis and Brooke Hood, and the “People’s Choice” winners were Hannah Skaggs and Becca Henderson. Both of the titles were valiantly earned, and we are very proud of all the hard work put in by each and every culinary participant!