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Magnolias Are a Solution for Clay Soil

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Steve BoehmeIf you’re looking for a showy flowering tree that’s not too large but grows fast, consider the Magnolia! There are some gorgeous Magnolia hybrids that work well in clay soil, making Magnolias a better choice for most landscapes than dogwoods, which prefer well-drained soils.Magnolias are known for their immense purple-pink and white tulip-shaped blooms. A few varieties have ivory or pale yellow blooms. Right now they are at their best, providing a real show in the early spring before their leaves form.


32nd Annual Senior Citizens Art Show and Essay/Poetry Contest Announced

Are you age 55 or older with a talent for art, photography or poetry/essay writing? If so, the Area Agency on Aging District 7, Inc. (AAA7) encourages you to participate in its 32nd Annual Senior Citizens Art Show and Essay/Poetry Contest that is approaching soon.This year’s event will be held May 27-30 (Tuesday through Friday) and June 2-6 (Monday through Friday) at the Esther Allen Greer Museum and Gallery located on the campus of the University of Rio Grande in Rio Grande,...

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Helphing Americans With Disabilities

By Tonie GarciaSocial Security District Manager in Portsmouth, OHThe World Health Organization held the first World Health Assembly in 1948, and, beginning in 1950, every year on April 7 the world comes together to observe World Health Day. Each year, World Health Day focuses on a particular subject of interest to global health.At Social Security, we focus on people’s health every day. Specifically, we provide benefits for people with disabilities. To he...

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Good Nutrition is Important!

Pamela K. Matura, Executive Director, Area Agency on Aging District 7“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.” This quote from Hippocrates in 400 BC is still very relevant today. Hippocrates believed the human body had an innate capacity for self-healing. Healthy eating is certainly a huge part of maintaining our overall good health. March is National Nutrition Month and a good time to be reminded of healthy eating habits and how we can provide our bo...

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Your Spouse May Be Covered By Social Security

By Tonie GarciaSocial Security District Manager in Portsmouth, OHIf you have a spouse who does not earn an income or who earns less than you do, your spouse (including a same-sex spouse) may be entitled to Social Security spouses’ benefits based on your record.Social Security can be an important financial asset for married couples when the time comes to apply for retirement benefits. In many cases, one spouse may have earned significantly more than the o...

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ODOT Weekly travel report

District 9 Weekly Travel ReportFor the week ending April 4, 2014: The following traffic advisory includes road construction and major maintenance projects requiring lane restrictions and/or closures along the state and federal highway system within ODOT District 9. For statewide information regarding road conditions affected by weather, construction, maintenance or accidents, visit ODOT on the web at www.Ohgo.comDistrictwide

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Raised Beds without Carpentry

Steve BoehmeRegular readers of this column already know the benefits of raised bed gardening. Less weeding, less bending over, and no more soil compaction around your plants. Perfect drainage because excess water can seep out the bottom. Healthy plants out of reach of rabbits. Boxes that sit on top of the ground, filled with fancy soil, and never mind tilling all the space between boxes.

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Potato Planting Timing & Tips

Steve BoehmeExperienced gardeners plant two crops of potatoes, in late March and again after last frost. Potato plants can survive frost if they get a little protection, so it’s time to get ready for that first planting now. Potatoes will begin to grow as soon as the soil temperature has reached 45 degrees F. The soil should be evenly moist, but not wet or soggy. We recommend using peat moss to dry wet soil; simply till it into your potato rows before planting.

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